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The Galactic Stargate Authority has made its way to Lyra, we are a group of honorable soldiers dedicated to bringing justice to those who have harmed us. The GSA is values Honor, Respect, Intregrity, and most of all, Family. The GSA strives for being a family instead of being a guild, and with that aims to bring a network of members. We administrate and regulate a Jump Gate Network that will unite the GSA colonies.
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GSA's Brother

Erex, May 7, 12 9:53 AM.
The GSA is pleased to announce that guild CLS, or Celestial Guardians is now a brother guild. Meaning GSA will go to war on behalf of the CLS. This is a momentous occasion and it should be seen as one. A interview with Papa Smurf the current leader of the GSA:

Me: Do you think that a brotherhood would benefit the GSA at the moment?
Papa Smurf: Of course we need all the allies we can get in the beginning stages of the GSA. We are pleased with such a connection.
Me: Do you think that if CLS breaks the....
Papa Smurf(interupts): CLS will not break the pact as they know me and respect me.

The rest of the conversation was deemed classified.

Galactic Stargate Authority official Statement

Erex, May 4, 12 10:35 AM.
The GSA has made an official announcement from CO-Founder Erex Malren. 

"The GSA has created itself to bring upon a network, this is what Lyra needs, and the GSA is willing to administrate it. We need to ensure its safety. All GSA Personnel have been working around the clock to build up this issue. We are actively recruiting any and all. We are proud to announce our alliance with TCA.

Galactic Stargate Authority on Lyra

Erex, May 3, 12 9:55 AM.
The Galactic Stargate Authority has opened its doors on Lyra, we are awaiting confirmation on said members please comply with all GSA laws and protocols.
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We are recruiting: 1.) Level 20+ 2.) Active Member 3.) 100k Fleet + 4.) Good at following orders
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